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Ever had a project that you wanted to design once but use with many versions?

A manufacturer might utilize a product brochure design that can be customized by each of its regional distributors. Or a franchiser might design a promotional flyer that can be adapted by each of its regional franchises with local content. Web to print gives you the power to leverage a design-once, use-many workflow. Critical elements of the design are locked down, but specific content within the document can be customized. Web to print can be utilized in marketing applications such as:

  • Postcards

  • Brochures

  • Greeting cards

  • Promotional flyer
You maintain the integrity of the graphics and brand identity standards because users can only change the elements that you define. You can even review the user's customization as part of an approval workflow. This is the power of web to print. It's peace of mind.

For a demonstration and to learn how your company can take advantage of a web-to-print application, please contact a representative at Mayer Print & Mail by calling 1.800.356.2769.