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By integrating our mailing operations with the print production process, Mayer Print & Mail is saving customers time and money.

Not only do you save on transportation costs to another vendor, we will give you use of our permit and maximize your postage discounts. Your mail piece will be labeled with our high-speed equipment and prepared to USPS requirements to achieve the optimal postage discount. What's more, you have the peace of mind that one company is taking ownership of the project and is accountable for flawless execution. On time. Every time.

List Procurement
Sound data is the foundation of every successful direct marketing campaign. Avoid wasting print and postage dollars and focus on the best audience for your product. Although you may provide your own list, Mayer can propose alternatives (or additions to your list) that may provide a greater ROI on your next project.

Database & List Processing
Rely on Mayer to help you maximize USPS automation and sortation discounts. With state-of-the-art software linked with CASS-certified postal service data, our list processing program performs address verification and de-duplication to improve accuracy, performs move update processing via NCOALink™ and optimizes discounts for your standard, first-class and non-profit mail. Your data can also be appended with additional information (e.g. tracking codes, account numbers, etc.) to be printed on your mail piece.

To learn more about how we can support you or for a proposal, please contact Mayer Print & Mail at 1.800.356.2769 or request an estimate.

Our commitment to your direct marketing project doesn’t end after it has mailed. Learning from your success is critical to the design process on your next project.
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